About MIDC

The Mesa Industry and Defense Council member companies are an engine for Arizona prosperity and US national security. The network of companies, community, and elected leaders have a combined voice for the region’s success now and in the future.

The Council leads a network of over 24 large and small companies committed to defense of Arizona’s future growth engine. Council companies hail from such sectors as Defense, Aerospace, Mining, Energy, Construction and Information Technology.

The Council enables Arizona. The strength of its companies and leaders lies in the commitment of growth for all of Arizona through prosperity and innovation in Mesa.


110,000 employees +600 local suppliers
Home of the premier attack helicopter in the world with the Boeing Apache.

At the frontlines of the cyber battlefield with AZ Labs and the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range.

Premier rotorcraft development with The Boeing Company and MD Helicopters.

Advanced MRO work leads region with companies such as Able Engineering investing in the East Valley.

Industry partnership at AZ military installations with critical testing at DoD bases, ranges, and areas in Arizona.